27Octcommunication in the classroom

Why and How to Establish Effective Communication in the Classroom

Communication is one of the biggest keys to the human experience. In performing simple transactions, developing interpersonal relationships, negotiating and delivering presentations; communicating effectively is a human need. This is no less true in education. As a teacher, communication in the classroom is foundational to managing your students, supporting learning and feeling successful as a...

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13Octeducational enrichment

Understanding Educational Enrichment and its Importance

Education is a dynamic field that involves constantly looking to find innovative ways to stimulate and engage students’ intellectual growth. Educational enrichment – often known as enrichment activities, enrichment classes, or enrichment programs – is an approach that plays a key role in enhancing learning experiences for students of all ages In this article we’ll...

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STEM vs STEAM vs STREAM: Differences and Benefits

When it comes to education, there are many acronyms that are thrown around. Over the last several years, STEM has been evolving as educators incorporate other subjects into the curriculum, turning STEM into STEAM and STREAM. Teaching the curriculum these acronyms denote aims to prepare students for 21st century careers using 21st century skills, but...

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8Sepstem education

What is STEM for Kids? Guide for Educators and Parents

STEM is a term that is thrown around a lot when it comes to educating the next generation. We hear how important it is for students to develop STEM skills in order to compete in the 21st century workforce. But, what are we talking about when we talk about a STEM education? What is STEM...

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31Augtechnology enhanced learning

What is Technology Enhanced Learning? Examples and Uses

There was a time when technology was seen as something arduous to integrate into schools, but those days are long gone. Technology enhanced learning or TEL has become essential to educational outcomes in schools and classrooms everywhere. Also, as necessity is the mother of invention, the global pandemic only accelerated TEL learning. During the last...

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25Auginclusive teaching

Inclusive Teaching Strategies and Why to Use Them

Teachers are always looking for new and innovative ways to reach their students. We often reach for the newest technology and teaching methodologies for assistance, but facilitating learning is far simpler than that. We know that what students really need to succeed is to feel welcome and included. A student’s attitude can shape their entire...

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14Augsel benefits

The Benefits of Social Emotional Learning

Decades of research have shown how social emotional (SEL) learning promotes positive outcomes for students, both in the classroom and into their adult lives. The development of foundational social and emotional skills through an SEL curriculum that is integrated into classroom lessons and educational programming carries with it a number of SEL benefits. These benefits...

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14Julteaching learning styles

Teaching Learning Styles And Accommodating To Them

Everyone learns differently. Students exhibit a wide range of learning preferences and styles. Acknowledging and accommodating these variations can foster a more inclusive and effective educational environment. Exploring different teaching learning styles and ways educators can adapt their instructional methods to cater to different modalities can lead to enhanced student engagement, comprehension and overall learning...

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